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Trade Registration

You are invited!

California Wines and the Consul General of the US, D. Brent Hardt, invite you to take an exploratory trip to California Wine Country and discover the many vintners and wineries of the Golden State. Soak up the sunshine during this educational, immersive walk-around tasting event that showcases more than 400 wines from California. During the three hour experience, sample wines from many regions and appellations and meet with winery representatives to learn more about what makes their wines so special. There’s never been a better time to Taste California!

Please note this is by invite only, registration is for trade only.

We have modified the trade tasting to allow for a more intimate one-on-one experience with our participating wineries.

How the Trade Sessions Work:

The trade event opens at 2:00pm. The full tour of the Wine Experience will take three hours. Upon arrival for your selected session, you will be placed into smaller groups of fellow trade guests. Your group will be led to your starting region by our Golden State Tour Guide. You can then travel to all six regions at your leisure. We do recommend allowing about 30 minutes per region to visit the 15-20 wineries in each area. Plus new this year, every winery has brought a new to market wine for you to discover. With our advance planning tool you can mark all the must visit wineries for your travels and download your own personal itinerary.

How it works


By region

Wineries are grouped into different areas in the tasting room according to region. Upon arrival, guests will be assigned to start in a certain regon and will travel through the appellations to meet with wineries and taste their wines at their leisure. Every winery has a new to market wine for your to discover.


Join a group

Upon arrival guests will be placed into smaller groups and a Golden State Tour Guide will lead the group to a starting region. Guests can then explore and travel through all regions at their leisure. We recommend tasting through the California Wine Experience by travelling to each region allowing 30 minutes per each of the appellations.


Plan Your Tour

Once you are registered you can use our site to plan your tasting by bookmarking a wine that you want to taste at the event. The wines will be automatically grouped showing your selections grouped by producer and regional location of the winery at the event. You will be able to create your own personal tasting catalog. Every winery will have a new to market discovery for you to explore.


QR codes

Additionally, there will be QR codes at each winery table. When you scan the QR code, you will see the wines that you bookmarked along with details about the winery. You can add your tasting notes directly on your personal page.


Take notes

You can also take notes directly in the website, which can be downloaded after the event and exported to Excel or a PDF for future reference. You can also rate the wines with an easy 5 point star scale.

Register now!

Monday, April 25th, 2022
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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